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How long have you been a TMR user?

Since August, 2009

Why did you opt for this type of fitting, and how do you assess your decision now looking back?

I wanted to [be able to] wear the best arm prosthesis, and TMR represents the best. I needed surgery because of a bone spur, and the TMR surgery was performed at the same time. In hindsight, and after experiencing other [less sophisticated] prosthesis types, I realise now how natural the control of this prosthesis is. However, there were problems too in determining the correct placement of the sensors and stabilising the arm against rotation, because my signals are very close to each other.

How would you describe the additional benefit the fitting gives you?

TMR utilises “natural” nerves to enable the corresponding movements. This tends to create more of a “felt” connection with the prosthesis than when only two muscles control several movements. TMR also allows for fast, intuitive and switchless [simultaneous] control. Plus, phantom and nerve pain are not a problem anymore.


How did you come to be a DynamicArm + (TMR prosthesis) user?

I became a DynamicArm test user back in September of 2005. I was able to perform several movements at the time, but only one after another, and with atypical muscle movements. A few years later I read about a new fitting option and contacted my local hospital for information. Prof. Aszmann advised me at the time, and it was then that I decided to go ahead with the surgery. The surgery took place in June, 2011, and in February, 2012 we were ready to start the training.

Since I had already been a DynamicArm test user, Ottobock asked me if I was interested.

What is the difference for the prosthesis user compared with a conventional myoelectric prosthesis? Could you explain using an example?

The advantage is that the prosthesis can be controlled more easily and more naturally, and also that several joints can be controlled at the same time. This way, I can carry out the movements I want to make faster. Now I can do things on my own again that I used to need assistance for, such as going shopping or managing a branch office.

Looking back on the long road from surgery to the fitting, the intensive training and the enormous input of time, was it still all worthwhile for you?

Yes, the advantages clearly outweigh everything else. The effort did pay off, definitely

What advice would you give potential TMR users?

The TMR surgery is very long and draining. The healing process in the days and weeks that follow is also painful. But it’s worth it, because the advantages it gives you in terms of control make everyday life much easier.