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Advantages and challenges of a TMR fitting


A TMR fitting offers the user a large number of advantages compared to conventional myoelectric prosthesis.

Advantages at a glance:

1. It usually takes two electrodes to control a myoelectric prosthesis. After TMR surgery, there may be up to six electrodes. This makes it possible to carry out movements faster. It also allows several joints to be moved simultaneously.

2. The user can use up to six different thoughts to control the prosthesis.

3. Prosthesis control is easier and more intuitive.

4. Movements can be carried out in a more intuitive and natural manner.

5. A TMR operation can lead to a further reduction of phantom pain.

6. Neuroma formation is counteracted by the transfer of the nerves.


The challenges of a TMR Fitting:

Those who choose a TMR Fitting enjoy many benefits. But there are also a number of challenges that Need to be overcome. Here is a short overview.

1. The TMR process can take up to two years. The successful use of the prosthesis depends on the user’s motivation and discipline

2. Following intensive therapy, the prosthesis user must be able to contract the related muscles as independently of one another as possible.

3. The prosthesis user has to learn a new control pattern. This involves an enormous learning effort. The prosthesis user will always have to concentrate on controlling the prosthesis.

4. The prosthesis cannot replace the “feel” of a healthy hand for the prosthesis user, because it does not provide any feedback. This is why the user is advised to monitor the hand’s function visually, which makes him/her less attentive to his/her surroundings (this is also true of myoelectric prostheses).