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Apart from medical expertise and creativity, the surgeon must, in particular, be able to empathise with the patient.

Your first meeting with the physician will determine whether you are a good candidate for a TMR fitting. Several factors come into play here (for further information, see here (“Could TMR work for me?”). If you, together with the physician and therapist, decide to go ahead with the TMR fitting, you will receive comprehensive information and advice. The surgery itself will be planned meticulously in advance. Your surgeon will inform you regarding the different steps.

During the surgery, the residual nerves, which previously controlled your arm, are removed from the surrounding tissue and separated. The muscles and/or heads of muscles suitable for reinnervation are innervated by a nerve branch. First, the muscles are separated from their original nerve supply. In the process, the original nerve is severed near the point where it enters the muscle and connected to a selected nerve end, which previously supplied the natural arm. The individual muscle fascicles and/or heads of muscles are isolated from each other, so that the respective muscles can conduct signals separately. The nerve fibres become integrated into the target muscle.