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The TMR process

The fitting process requires an extended period of time. Specialists will work with you closely. The close cooperation between surgeons, prosthetists and therapists is a key to success. Here we give you an overview of the most important milestones.

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Therapy prior to surgery
You are prepared for the surgery.

TMR surgery
Selective transfer of the residual arm nerves to other target muscles.

You undergo a rehabilitation programme customised especially for you.

Production of several therapeutic and training prosthetic sockets.

Prosthesis fitting
Your final fitting with a TMR prosthesis with up to 6 electrodes integrated into the socket.

Prosthesis training
You practise using your prosthesis on the basis of the training concept.

Quality control
Quality checks and further support for you after the final fitting.

The TMR rehabilitation process is based on previous and recent clinical research and practical experience. The basic research on this new method was performed by Dr. Todd Kuiken and his team at the Center for Bionic Medicine (RIC). Further input to this advanced technique was given by Dr. Oskar Aszmann and his team at the CD-Laboratory for Extremity Reconstruction at the Medical University in Vienna (MUV).