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Therapeutic care is an integral part of this concept in order to optimally exploit the potential of the prosthesis.

Therapy for a TMR prosthesis is considerably more extensive than for a conventional prosthesis.  The period following surgery requires patience on the part of everyone involved. The nerves have to become integrated into the new muscles. Since a nerve grows only about one millimetre a day, it takes a certain amount of time (up to 12 months) before the nerve reaches its muscle segment and initial signs of success are evident. Still, you will be active and undergo initial training during that time.

Your therapist will support you before and after surgery.

Your therapist will prepare you for the outcome prior to surgery. Afterwards, the therapist will assist you during the healing process and will start your coordination and balance training together with you. The gradual process of finding and defining the optimal electrode positions by means of therapeutic and test sockets then begins.

The definitive prosthetic fitting takes place after the final electrode positions have been defined. Your therapist will also support you during the prosthesis training.